Solea Laser Dentistry

The Solea Laser by Convergent Dental is the most amazing advance in dentistry that we have experienced without question. It is transforming how we perform dentistry, and most importantly transforming our patients' dental experience for the better.


Pediatric dentistry has been the largest benefactor of the Solea Laser in our office. We see many children that have cavities in need of treatment. Since starting with the laser, we have prepped over 95% of the pediatric cavities comfortably without anesthetic!! What does this mean? This means NO SHOTS, NO NEEDLES and NO LINGERING NUMBNESS that often leads to children biting their tongue or lips.


This percentage holds true for routine adult cavities as well!!


This is why we say this is the most amazing advance in dentistry we have experienced!


We will soon have additional information on our website about our Solea Lasers. For now, please click the following link to learn more. We look forward to seeing you soon! Thank You!!