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Your Initial Exam

At Patterson Family Dentistry, P.C., we feel it is in the best interests of the patient to be seen for a complete or comprehensive exam before having any treatment completed. However, we will always see new patients for a limited emergency exam if needed.

Why a Comprehensive Exam?

A comprehensive exam allows us to fully evaluate your oral health so that any decisions that may need to be made are done so with all relevant information at hand. The result is more conservative and cost effective dentistry for the patient that is focused on long term success and avoiding unnecessary costs.

What is included in a Comprehensive Exam?
Digital X-Rays

Updated x-rays are taken if you do not have current x-rays from a previous dentist.

Charting of your existing dental treatment

This allows us to easily distringuish between dental treatment completed before coming to our office and any treatment provided after joining our family.

Oral Cancer Screening

If your dentist does not look, who will? Nobody! Oral cancer is too dangerous to dismiss!

Complete Oral Examination

This is a comprehensive examination by the doctor. Following this exam, a printout of any recommended treatment (if any) is provided with prices and estimated insurance coverage.

Digital X-Rays

Updated x-rays are taken if you do not have current x-rays from a previous dentist.

Printout of Recommended Dental Treatment

If any treatment is indeed recommended, your printout will provide prices and estimated insurance coverage. For larger procedures, pre-treatment estimates will be filed with the insurance company for more accurate and up-to-date coverage.


There is typically time for a cleaning at this appointment, however if you have not been to a dentist for an extended period of time or have periodontal disease, then we may have to reschedule to allow enough time to complete your cleaning properly. Their is no additional charge if the cleaning has to be rescheduled for time purposes. We simply want to ensure that treatment is thorough and complete.