Dental Health


  • eat plenty of fruits and vegetables (vegetables in particular are great snacks because of their low sugar content)
  • drink water between meals in place of other drinks (preferrably fluoridated water)
  • chew sugarless gum between meals when brushing is not an option (avoid chewing gum if you suffer from TMJ discomfort)
  • avoid snacking between meals
  • avoid "sipping" on drinks other than water between meals
    • many drinks, both regular and diet, have high acidity levels that slowly weaken teeth and make them more susceptible to developing cavities (tooth decay)
    • saliva is great at cleaning teeth and can actually remineralizing areas of weakened tooth structure if given a chance, however constant bathing of teeth in acidic and/or sugary liquids does not allow your saliva to do its job and will often lead to cavities even if you brush and floss as recommended
    • the sugars and/or acids pool between teeth and along the gum line . . . and consequently this is where the tooth decay usually occurs
  • avoid crunching on ice and hard candies

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