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One Appointment Crowns

If you happen to need a crown to strengthen a tooth, you no longer need to wear a temporary crown and then return weeks later for the final crown. Instead we capture a digital impression (no messy, bad tasting impression material) and our in-house certified dental lab technician designs and creates your custom crown while you relax, read and even enjoy a cup of coffee, tea or cocoa. This saves you a trip, prevents more time off work and allows your permanent crown to be cemented while you are still numb for greater comfort!

Laser Snoring Treatment (Non-surgical)

80-85% of snoring is simply related to the soft palate and uvula loosening with age. The tissue vibrates while sleeping and thus causes much of the loud snoring that interrupts so many nights of potentially great rest, whether it is the snorer or those nearby. This technique targets the soft palate and uvula with a very low energy laser light. The treatment is completed in 10-15 minutes and is comfortable without any anesthetic. To ensure complete comfort, however, an anesthetic mouth rinse is used prior to the procedure. The result is a slow tightening of the tissue over the following days to weeks, though many patients realize a decrease in snoring in a couple days. The tissue may need to retreated every year to 18 months. This is not meant to replace sleep apnea treatments that a patient is already undergoing. A patient already using a snoring appliance or CPAP machine can still undergo laser snoring treatment and may be encouraged to schedule a new sleep study following treatment. Solea Sleep is NOT meant to treat sleep apnea, however it may help lessen its severity.

Reveal Clear Aligner Orthodontics

We start with digital impressions and a few photos. Within a few days we will text and/or email you before and after photos before moving forward. If you choose to move forward, your clear aligners will arrive in a few weeks and you can get started. You will wear a new tray every 2 weeks while we monitor your progress every 4-8 weeks.

Sedation Dentistry

We work with a highly skilled and competent sedation team to provide sedation dentistry in our Columbia City office. By combining sedation with same day crown technology, we have invested in our patients to provide the best possible experience . . . particularly for those patients that are very nervous at the dentist office but desperately need treatment competed.

Same Day Implant Smile Makeovers with