Dental Health

Dental Emergency

Tooth Has Been Knocked-Out
  1. RINSE TOOTH If the tooth is visibly dirty, very gently rinse with water while holding it by the crown. Do NOT scrub the root, for this will damage cells on the root and decrease chances of a successful re-implantation.
  2. PLACE IN SOCKET If at all possible, place tooth back into its socket gently and hold in place with a cloth.
  3. STORE IN MILK If re-inserting into the socket is not possible, then the tooth should be stored in milk. If milk is not available, then saliva or water will also suffice.
  5. The main factors that lead to a successful re-implantation are the following:
    1. minimal disturbance of the cells on the root of the tooth (NO scrubbing or excessive rinsing)
    2. keep tooth moist, either through re-inserting into socket or storing in a container of milk, saliva or water
    3. be seen by dentist within 60 minutes following tooth loss
Broken Tooth
  • Clean/Rinse area with warm water
  • If possible, gather any broken pieces of tooth to take to dentist
  • Get to dentist as quickly as possible