Unique Services We Offer

Same Day Smile Make Overs

Are you in need of dentures but want a prosthesis that is fixed in place? We can extract remaining teeth, place implants and you
leave SAME DAY with bridges that are fastened in place!! Click on following link for more info. TeethXpress

Sedation Dentistry

Need extensive dental care, or are you apprehensive about dental work? Sleep while we take care
of the rest!

Anesthesia Free Fillings using our Solea Laser

Particularly great for children needing restorations on their primary (baby) teeth!!


Thru the use of clear aligners, crowded teeth can be straightened. Particularly popular for adults that had ortho as children, but now have had some shifting of the front teeth.


Overdentures are dentures that “snap” onto attachments that are located either on implants or natural teeth with adjustable tension. Adding these types of attachments to dentures creates a much more stable and retentive denture. These are most commonly utilized for lower dentures because lower dentures tend to have very little retentiveness.