Gingivitis is a reversible infection of the gums that has several causes.  The most important aspect to remember about gingivitis is that it is a precurser to Periodontal Disease which has irreversible effects.  Gingivitis is not something to ignore! 

What are the signs of gingivitis?

  • Red and/or tender gums (gums should be a light pink color)
  • Gums bleed easily (blood in saliva when brushing)
  • Gums seem "loose" around the teeth (gums should adapt tightly around the teeth)

What the main causes of gingivitis?

  • Plaque - builds up on teeth throughout the day and needs to be removed by brushing and flossing
  • Calculus - forms when plaque is left on teeth and becomes mineralized through presence of saliva
  • Pregnancy - hormone changes associated with pregnancy can lead gingivitis, or worsen gingivitis that may already be present before the pregnancy

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