Bonding simply involves bonding resin filling material over the surface of a tooth.  This is usually completed without any preparation of the tooth and is completed in one appointment with no lab time required.

What can be accomplished with Bonding?

  • Cover staining that can not be removed through whitening
  • Fill spacing (diastemas) between teeth
  • Recontour teeth that are chipped, malformed, small or otherwise perceived undesirable to the patient
  • Create the illusion of having had orthodontic treatment (braces)

Advantages of Bonding to Alternatives?

  • Bonding can be accomplished in one appointment
  • Can customize shades and other characteristics
  • Significant cost savings compared to porcelain veneers

Disadvantages of Bonding to Alternatives?

  • Not as strong as porcelain alternatives and are prone to chipping
  • Will slowly pick up stain over time, requiring occasional repolishing and additional resin to keep looking natural

Pictures & Video: